"Were can I find Boxing drills to perform on the mat?"

On our You Tube Channel, please see our 'How To Guide'.  Also check out our Instagram page @the.drillgorilla and our Facebook page (The Drill Gorilla).  


"What If I've never boxed before?"

Start learning the basic punches and skills from MyBoxingCoach.com (see the How To Guide) and then start at the beginner drills on our You Tube Channel. 


"Can I use the mat if I am southpaw?"

Sure!  All our drills we show are performed orthodox...but you just simply mirror what you see across the mat.


"Can I also use the mat as a general exercise mat?"



"How do I clean the mat?"

Use a soft brush or cloth, a very gentle soap (non-oil based), and cold water to gently clean your mat and then rinse off thoroughly.


"Can I workout in shoes on the mat?"

Yes.  If you do so please choose an appropriate sole, as too much grip may interfere with your pivots.