About Us

We are a family run business from the UK who enjoy boxing and also just enjoy generally keeping fit. Boxing is a great sport to learn for body and mind and is far from just a combat sport, it’s a fantastic way for anyone to keep fit and the buzz of learning such great skills is tremendous!!

The idea for our mat came from spending a lot of time working away from home and having no access to a gym.  Our boxing workouts where constrained to our hotel room!  Shadowboxing was our go to tool, but we also wanted to practise our boxing drills and needed our floor footwork patterns, so the idea of The Drill Gorilla Boxing Mat was born.

Boxing drills are repeated patterns of punches, defences or footwork (or any combination of these), that allows a person to engrave in their mind and muscle memory that pattern so it becomes pure second nature! This method of performing drills to learn skills is a major part of learning any sport!  Boxing gyms all over the world use said floor lines/patterns to allow boxers to develop footwork, and developing footwork is essential to any great boxing style.  Learning to punch is all well and good, but leaning to punch whilst moving in any direction or cutting angles brings your ability to another level and brings beauty to your style!  Footwork is often ignored or overlooked, but is an essential pillar in a complete boxing style.

Even if you are learning Boxing for fitness/fun and not competing, the satisfaction of not only learning how to punch, but learning to move gracefully like a boxer is completely amazing!  Our aim with our mat and You Tube videos is to give this ability to learn boxing and boxing footwork anyone who wants to try.  Roll out your mat at home, switch on You Tube and learn those drills like your life depends upon it!  Soon enough your boxing skills will sky rocket!!


The Drill Gorilla Family

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