Boxing Footwork Alignment Lines with Numbering System


Any age, any ability, anywhere!

Fitness Enthusiasts

Unlock your boxing potential and develop your boxing skills using The Drill Gorilla Boxing Mat. Once you have technically proficient boxing skills, your workouts will be far more productive for strength, conditioning and the general enjoyment of your workouts. The Drill Gorilla Mat and accompanying boxing drill videos are the perfect addition to your workouts.


Beginner Boxers

Move like a pro! The Drill Gorilla Boxing Mat alignment lines allow you to precisely perform your boxing footwork and movements! Nail those Sidesteps! Perfect that Pivot! Beginner boxers know the vital importance of boxing drills...The Drill Gorilla Boxing Mat gives you the perfect tool to practice drills and gain the edge on your boxing peers at the gym.


Practising Boxers

Experienced boxers usually spend the majority of their gym time working on tactical aspects of the sport. But you should never forget the huge benefits of continuing to drill even the most basic of boxing skills. This is CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT on the precision of the skills and movements. When you see boxers like Vasyl Lomachenko executing these skills to millimeter precision, you are watching the sum of years of boxing drills trained to perfect the movements.


I've never ever boxed before, but now I'm moving like a boxer! What a buy!!!!


I love doing the boxing drills on The Drill Gorilla Boxing Mat, Im losing weight, keeping fit and learning a new skill!


I've been boxing for years, but this boxing mat has improved my footwork massively!

Dave S